Dinobot U5 mini image android update

Dinobot U5 mini image android update

In this manual I am going to show you how to install an image android in the Dinobot U5 mini.


USB in fat32 format from 1gb to 4gb maximum to avoid problems
Program to decompress the downloaded file (winrar, winzip, etc ..)


1- We download the Dinobot U5 mini firmware

Dinobot U5 mini

link version 1 https://acortar.link/mR2vH and link 2 https://acortar.link/8zKSw

(For the U5 mini model you need to put the 2 updates in the order marked 1 and 2)

2- Once the file is downloaded, we rename it update.zip and we pass it to USB.

3- With the receiver turned off, we insert the USB into the side ports

4- Once the USB is inserted, we turn on the receiver and press the OK key on the remote a few times until the word UPDT appears on the display.

5- Once the update is finished it will restart on its own and you will be able to enjoy the new version

dinobot u5 mini update boxtvmania

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