Dinobot 4k twin setup tuner record / view

Dinobot 4k twin setup tuner record / view

In this manual we will try how to configure the tuners of the Dinobot 4k twin receiver to be able to make a recording while watching another channel with a universal lnb.

The Dinobot 4k twin receiver has two satellite tuners but it does not have an internal loop, so in order to use them we will have to use a splitter with current pass-through and 2 satellite antenna cables.

Sat splitter with two outputs
2 Sat cables

Tuners Configuration

1. Tuner A configuration

Configuration mode: Simple
Mode: Unique
Satellite: We choose the one we have, in my case the astra 19º2E ku band

2. Tuner B configuration

Configuration mode: equal to tuner A

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